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It was great to welcome Roots & Wings (Kelly & Mike) at the club tonight as they always provide a great night's entertainment of good country music old and new.  Kelly was recovering from a bad winter bug and was conscious that her voice wasn't at its best but I don't think anyone noticed!  They were as good as ever and kept the dance floor busy and the listeners happy.


Pauline kept the floor busy in the interval with some classics, partner dances and new ones we are learning and Ernie and his helpers kept us fed and watered.

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Paul and Debbie AKA Streamline Duo returned to our club tonight for yet another great night of country music!  They sing some of the regular well known songs, those for which we are just learning dances and other songs we rarely hear but can put other dances to keeping the dance floor busy all night.  They both have great voices, can play their guitars and their banter on stage keeps us smiling and laughing all night long.  What a great duo!  Thank you Paul and Debbie.


Thanks too to Pauline from Blue Roses who kept us dancing in the interval with our requests and to Ernie and his helpers behind the bar and in the kitchen.  I must although thank Monica who stepped in at the last minute to help us out with selling the lucky horseshoe numbers and laying out the raffle table after Paul had to work late but arrived in plenty of time to bring Streamline on stage at 8pm.


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Tonight we welcomed The Thrillbillies back to the club.  Ed & Dave have always been very popular on circuit so we were sad to know that this was the last time we would see them both on stage together at the club as they had both decided to pursue solo careers from 2021 onwards.


They both have a great sense of humour which comes out in their performance and together with their accomplished guitar playing and great singing voices we once again had a great night of good country music to keep the dancers and listeners happy.  The dance floor was full all night which was helped by Pauline from Blue Roses who kept us dancing in the interval and at the beginning of the night.


It was slightly quieter at the club than usual tonight due to the threat of the Coronavirus which kept some of our regulars away from social events, however we are fortunate that it hasn't affected our immediate geographic area too much at the moment and we hope that all our friends and artists manage to keep this nasty virus at bay.


We were surprised on arrival to the club to learn that our steward, Ernie had left the club.  He had apparently only stepped in until a permanent replacement could be sourced.  Natalie was that replacement and she kept us fed and watered very ably throughout the night with the help of Shirley who has been our resident chef since Ernie arrived at the club.  Natalie seemd to enjoy her first Exe Ranch evening and we look forward to seeing Natalie at our monthly club nights.